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2024-02-18 Tour de Zwift 2024

🏁 Completed the 8 stages of Tour de #Zwift 2024.

This time the focus/emphasis was on the shorter routes and sprinting performance.

I'm pretty happy with my results: I was consistently getting into the top 5% (among hundreds of riders) on most of the sprint segments and have set a new personal record for quite a few of them as well.

⏱️4.75hr • 📏156km • ⛰1650m

🏆 Achievements:
🏅 11 Strava Segment PRs


2023-11-19 The end of the 2023 outdoor cycling season

✅ A comfortable weekend weather for a longer bike ride (🌡️~15℃, no rain, and not too windy) in the second half of November? Such an alluring opportunity to wrap up the outdoor cycling season of 2023, I could't miss it!

A captivating, vivid scenery of gold-n-red trees along the trails was my reward! 🍂🍁

🗺️ Trails:
🧭 Washington & Old Dominion
🧭 Bluemont Junction
🧭 Custis
🧭 Mount Vernon
🧭 Four Mile Run

📏50km • ⛰400m • 🏞️🚴

2023-10-07 Lime Connect 2023

Lime Connect 2023 Metric Century Ride

⏱️ Time: 4hr 40min
📏 Distance: 106km
⛰️ Elevation gain: 920m
📈 Max grade: 8.6%
🌡️ Temperature: 13-26℃

🏆 Achievements:
🏅 20 Strava Segment PRs

Despite somewhat harsh weather conditions (rain/wind/cold) for the first half of the ride, it was still very enjoyable (and it did get nice and sunny for the last third of it).

Also, the treats on the aid stations were just outstanding this year (yum!).

This is my fourth time participating, so it's really more of a tradition at this point :)



С некоторым опозданием (несмотря на все прививки/бустеры от covid/flu, умудрился порядочно слечь - две недели болел/восстанавливался), но наконец-таки открыл велосезон 2023 неспешным заездом на 50км (при 🌡️30℃ в апреле!). Как же все-таки приятно колесить на свежем воздухе! 🏞️🚴

2023-02-09 Tour de Zwift 2023

🏁 Completed the 8 stages of Tour de #Zwift 2023.

⏱️6hr • 📏150km • ⛰2820m

BTW, the last stage route (on the just introduced brand new Scotland map) was designed for the upcoming 2023 UCI Cycling eSports World Championships.

🏆 Achievements:
🏅 3 Strava Segment PRs



Не упустил возможности насладиться приятно умиротворяющей 70км велопрогулкой по излюбленной (и уже весьма обильно устланной опавшей листвой) W&OD в один из последних теплых дней уходящей осени (с несколько аномальной, как для середины ноября, температурой в 🌡️20℃). 🍂🛣️🚴


The Great Pumpkin Ride 2022 was truly awesome!

Well balanced and thought through route, scenic country views and variety of tasty treats on the rest stops.

I enjoyed this one a lot! Looking forward to participate again in coming years.

⏱️4hr 📏103km ⛰️700m 🌡️8-18℃



Despite the rather chilly weather, the 5th Annual Lime Connect Ride turned out to be very enjoyable!

⏱️ 5hr 📏 106km ⛰️ 920m 🌡️ 8-14℃

🏆 Achievements: 21 Strava Segment PRs 🏅

This was my third one and I'm definitely looking forward to participate again next year!



✅ The MarshMan Sprint Triathlon @ Marsh Creek State Park (Downingtown, PA) - my 1st one ever! 🏅

🏊 750m in Marsh Creek Lake
🚴 20k of technical sections and long straightaways alongside trout streams and forests
🏃 5k within the park with beautiful lake views and a good uphill


🗺️🧭 Celebrated the Labor Day weekend with @JavieRios by going for an easy 200K bike round-trip through some very quiet and picturesque scenery from Vienna to Harpers Ferry and back (trails: W&OD, Custis, Capital Crescent, Chesapeake & Ohio Canal)!