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💻 Software Engineer & OSS Advocate
🗺 Casual Traveler
🚴 Avid Cyclist
🎱 Pool League Player
📷 Photographer & Videographer
📚 Bibliophile
🎲 Board Game Devotee
✅ The MarshMan Sprint Triathlon @ Marsh Creek State Park (Downingtown, PA) - my 1st one ever! 🏅

🏊 750m in Marsh Creek Lake
🚴 20k of technical sections and long straightaways alongside trout streams and forests
🏃 5k within the park with beautiful lake views and a good uphill

Сняли с коллегами по работе домик у озера (Pocono Mountains, PA) на несколько рабочих дней + выходные. Сменили рабочую обстановку и отдохнули от обыденной жизни: пеший поход к Hawk Falls (Hickory Run State Park), ночные беседы у костра, бильярд, настольные игры… 🏡⛰️🏞️🥾🌊🔥🎱🎲

👥 @LeagueApps #OTA X kicked off with #LeagueApps #Olympics at picturesque location @ Huntingdon Valley, PA ⚽⚾🏃🏁🏆